How women in business are innovating during a crisis

  • Through the hard times come stories of innovation and determination. Many organisations are rethinking their day to day operations to continue trading during this time.
  • Businesses that are agile and adaptable will be more successful during times of major disruption.
  • Many businesses owners are supporting their communities through acts of kindness.

We’ve heard it for a while now — these are unprecedented times

Recent challenges

How businesses are adapting

‘We did a virtual women’s tour of Sydney via Instagram and got over 2000 likes! We are now planning domestic tours, identifying and partnering with female-led businesses to show our clients Australia “through her eyes”. We set up SheSaw to increase the visibility of women and support their economic empowerment — we aren’t going to let a pandemic get in the way of that!’

Women leading the way in innovation and kindness

Advice for other entrepreneurs

We’re all in need of a little pep talk at the moment. Here is some final words of advice from our community:



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