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How to establish yourself as a professional consultant

So what exactly do you need to do to establish yourself in this lucrative profession?

Make sure you’ve got the necessary foundations

According to Julia, there are three key things you need:

The reality is that there are thousands of consultants, but there are also thousands of businesses who need her services. So she actually doesn’t need to be much different from the next marketing consultant, she just needs to identify the niche she wants to target and go confidently in that direction.’

It’s not just about your subject matter expertise…

‘The first ‘P’ professionalism

So what are the other Ps?

Set up and scale up

‘Identify your offering. I’d suggest making a list of your skills and ranking them in order of strengths. Your core offering will be your ‘primary’ skills, but you still may be able to offer other services outside of these with help (or outsourcing).’



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