Because game-changing business tools don’t have to bust the budget

Let’s welcome ‘Maternal Optimism’. It’s 2021 and we all have to show how to live in a world where women can have it all!

Australian Female Founder Case Study

Mums & Co member Crystal McGregor, is a visionary female founder with THE SOLUTION for ‘next gen’ online shopping

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Evolve your social media strategy to stay visible this year

Woman looking bored at her laptop…
Is it time to reassess your earnings?

Do you earn as much money as you think you should?

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Image of woman in business jacket.

Starting your own business is exciting, but it can also be risky — especially from a financial perspective! Most people are well aware that businesses often don’t make much money in their first year, so it’s useful to have an steady, alternate income stream. And one of the best ways to guarantee income is to negotiate your current role down to part-time.

But is it really that easy? We spoke to 3 HR Managers to find out.

Know your rights

“The good news for mums is that if you’re a carer of children school aged or younger, and you’ve…

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